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Develop your business skills to drive success in 2021 – Vito Proietti

When you are looking to drive success, you need to develop different business skills. Keep in mind that there are several aspects of a business, and also each position requires unique skills and specific talents to survive and extract maximum efficiency. According to entrepreneur Vito Proietti here are the top skills you need to develop to drive ultimate success in 2021 and beyond.

Tips from Vito Proietti for business success

Here are the top skills you need to develop.

  • Team building and team management
  • Communication
  • Delegation
  • Leadership
  • Financial management
  • Project management

Team building and team management

A business goal takes a lot of ability to manage, and also it often starts with selecting an efficient team. As a leader, the onus is on you to choose the right team, assign tasks, and worker motivation to result in peak performance levels. It would be best if you got better at team building and management to ensure that the workforce takes a cohesive approach to the common cause.


Business owners and also managers should communicate effectively with employees, managers, consumers, and all the individuals involved with the day-to-day business. Effective communication skills include verbal and written communication with the entire workforce concisely and transparently.

  1. Negotiation of media disputes
  2. Composition of clear and concise emails
  3. Confident speaking ability at one-on-one communication and in large groups
  4. Relay all your goals and targets to the workforce


As the business owner or the manager, you need to distribute work to the team as well. Keep in mind that delegation should be done based on the ability and also the strength of the group. If you get good at delegating jobs, you can strike a balance between freedom and responsibility. When employees and the workforce have the freedom, you can achieve the desired results says Vito Proietti.


Leadership is a vital skill for any business person. When your business grows, you will hire people and provide them with the perfect vision and mission to achieve concrete goals. Leadership is strategic, and it will best if you can understand what to offer your employees and teams in terms of actionable plans and motivation. It is not just you who needs to develop leadership skills; your managers, analysts, and accountants need to build this vital skill.

Project management

When it comes to business processes, keep in mind that specific timelines, milestones, and also goals are vital for efficient management. If you get better project management, you can handle all the day-to-day efforts and the overall progress of the project. It would be best if you got better at cost control and timely completion within the deadlines.

When it comes to running a business, the leader and also the managers are pivotal for efficient management and functioning. It is vital to cultivate leadership qualities to be able to lead your firm to repeat successes. Keep in mind our list of tips to drive ultimate business success for 2021 and also beyond—all the best to you.