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Expert tips for building a solid business foundation from Vito Proietti

The shocks, trials, and tribulations of 2020 arrived without any signs, and as far as businesses are concerned, everything went down. However, according to expert entrepreneur Vito Proietti, there are ways to return to the pre-pandemic levels, and all that is required is planning. In the following section, we have gone over a few essential tips that will allow you to build a strong base for business in 2021.

The importance of right marketing tools – Vito Proietti

Remember that every successful campaign requires a precise approach and a clear message to provide all the information to the world. With the help of marketing tools, you can do more than that – you can decide on your target market and innovate to the best of your ability. However, keep in mind there is no one single market tool that will fit every strategy. In some ways to you need to leverage multiple tools to satisfy every aspect of your organization.

A clear sales process

According to Vito Proietti, selling is not rocket science, even if it is quite tricky. It would be best if you kept things simple without making them too simplistic. What you need is a transparent and streamlined process to increase productivity. Here are the aspects of a speedy and concise sales process.

  • High speed to respond to an inquiry
  • High accuracy in identifying needs
  • Ability to demonstrate your capability
  • Standardization of your capability
  • Utilization of CRM and other automation tools

Follow-up for the best results

The best sales strategy is to follow-up at all times. The salesperson makes 3-or more follow-up calls to make up for the target number. However, it would be best to keep in mind that it is not the repeat call numbers that matter. The ideal sales include calling till there is a definitive answer. Keep in mind that people are appreciative of your follow-ups if you do them politely. Keep in touch with your customers even if years have passed; don’t give up, and you will eventually build a loyal customer base.

Take stock of your prospects

We understand that follow-ups can be frustrating, but you need to remember that only 35% of the population makes purchase decisions fast, and therefore patience is the key. You need to consider the perspectives of the buyer. Here are the categories of buyers.

  1. Decisive – buyers having a clear picture of what they want
  2. Interactive – buyers who want to shape events and negotiate
  3. Stabilizer – passive and introverted buyer, looking to buy items for stability
  4. Conscientious –detailed buyers who take the most time concerning purchase decisions

Test and measure

Once you are clear about your message, you need to start experimenting with putting out the message. The better you are at this, the greater your returns are. Consider the following.

  1. Leverage all the standard platforms as necessary
  2. Segment data and use smaller campaigns to test waters
  3. Innovate your tactics for the best results

Keep in mind our guide for developing a solid foundation and core of your business. Understand that it will take time, so get real and exercise patience.