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How to build a sustainable business? By Vito Proietti

Today, companies have to take an environmental-friendly approach as the pressure from consumer demands and government policies for green energy is rising. Hence, it has become essential to make sustainability an integral part of your strategy. Some believe that it can dent their profits or cause massive expenditure. Vito Proietti however, is not like this. There are ways to create a sustainable business without disturbing your company’s financial health. Here is a quick look into these aspects to reduce your stress and tension led by such rules and regulations.

Vito Proietti: Ways to ensure business sustainability

Energy audit

You have to reduce your dependence on energy to make your business sustainable. For this, you first need to measure your usage. Conducting an audit in this area can be helpful. Don’t worry about the process. It is a relatively simple method that informs you about the amount of energy you use and its form. As a result, you can bring down your consumption. You can accordingly align your operations for implementing the meaningful changes, says Vito Proietti.

Renewable energy

As experts rightly remark, many companies depend on gas fuel or electricity for their operations. All these tend to put pressure on the environment due to their carbon footprint. But if you transition to renewable sources, you can control the issue of carbon emission to a great extent, as per Vito Proietti.You can ensure this by installing renewable energy devices and machines at your premises and produce your power. Some businesses have switched to solar panels and wind turbines for the same reason. Therefore, you can also think about something like this. It will require investment from your side. However, you don’t need to worry about this as the cost may drastically go down in the long run.

Nowadays, the system of green tariffs is also available to make things easier for companies. It refers to the electricity rate of a local utility under the Public Utility Commission. Eligible customers can take advantage of this to get electricity supply from renewable resources. It makes the entire thing even more convenient for someone who wants to move to a cleaner energy source.

Remote working

Since the pandemic has happened, many companies implemented the work-from-home format as an alternative to an office environment. However, what started of desperation or urgent need seems to make a lot of financial sense suddenly. Some businesses plan to make this a permanent thing. But it is not the monetary gain only that comes with this kind of setup. It is more sustainable also. For example, you can think of transports. These tend to be the primary cause of pollution. People use trains, buses, and cars to commute to their workplace everyday. The work-from-home requirement eliminates this and thereby promotes quite a pollution-free atmosphere. If you assess your emission profile, you can find remote working to be immensely useful.

In the end, when you become a green company, you can showcase this in your marketing campaigns to let your customers know that you are serious about your intentions. Let your green credentials be visible to everyone adds Vito Proietti.