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Vito Proietti: 6 simple rules that will improve your copywriting skills instantly

Here are 6 simple rules that will improve your copywriting skills instantly:

Rule 1:

This rule helps to avoid boring stories. Vito Proietti says one of the most important aspects of copywriting is “Know your audience” understanding your target audience is key for producing persuasive content you can implicate this technique by asking yourself questions like “Who am I writing for?” or “What do they want?”

Rule 2:

Always leave something to be desired, it creates an air of mystery and gets people interested in reading more about what you have to say or offer another example would be like Stephen king’s book series It tells the story of a group of kids who fight some sort of evil entity, there is no explanation to how they got these powers and why this thing wanted to destroy them it leaves you hanging and makes you want to keep reading says, Vito Proietti.

Rule 3:

If your reader can’t relate or find himself in your copy or content he will move on it’s something that’s very hard for writers. Because we’re always thinking about including our own experiences but what if others can’t relate?

Rule 4:

 This might seem odd but breaking certain conventions creates an image that readers like. It grabs their attention and definitely gets them interested. Look at ads for example when was the last time you saw two people staring into each other eyes? Or a giant call to action that is bold or has unusual colors?

Rule 5:

This rule helps you avoid the whole “Marketing” mindset it makes your content more natural. You can do this by avoiding fancy words instead use easy understand words remember who’s reading this? Not only will it make you look more authoritative but also sound reliable.

Rule 6:

 If your writing doesn’t have an impact right away. Readers will lose interest there are several ways to achieve this one of them is hiding your main goal. For example, if I want to sell something under the guise that I’m giving advice then at some point. I would introduce my offer with the intention of having my reader follow through explains Vito Proietti.

The 7 habits that help me create better stories:

Habit 1: Write down at least 5 ideas every day. Even if they’re just random thoughts this helps me come up with new stories and ideas.

Habit 2:  When I get an idea I write it down immediately then I choose the one that seems most interesting [IMAGE] The main reason why we should take notes is simple when we do this our subconscious mind begins working on the story and we can develop it in a more natural way

Habit 3:  I usually write my full story into a document then I organize the text into paragraphs this is pretty simple but sometimes without realizing it we put words in places that don’t fit or make sense.

Habit 4:  Instead of doing what most people do and jumping straight into writing I take about 2-3 days to plan out my story this allows me to figure out how I will tell the story as well as look for potential problems before committing anything to paper.

Habit 5:  This might sound weird but I often imagine myself as a character from my stories, I think about how he/she would feel, why they’re here and what would they do next? It helps me flesh out the characters better.

Habit 6:  I don’t know about you but I often find myself stuck because it’s hard to transition from one scene to the other. To make sure this doesn’t happen I like to draw a map, just a quick sketch of the room, building, or city block. This helps me design my setting and understand how it fits into my story.

Habit 7:  Before publishing any work online I read through everything two times then pass it on to many friends who will give me feedback whether related or not their opinion matters [IMAGE] without them I’ll probably miss grammar mistakes and have trouble with simple things so instead of struggling in silence why not ask for help? By doing this you’ll add more value both to your writing and to others.


So what did we learn today? Good question, we learned that certain rules and techniques can help you to create better content and ads for your customers.

The 7 habits that help me create better stories was a great read. It reminds us why we write and helps us think about our future projects says, Vito Proietti. It’s not just about achieving what you want to do but also doing it the right way. So congratulations on finishing this guide and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.