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Vito Proietti: 6 Tips for Making Your Company Stand Out On Facebook

When you want to become the premier destination for a certain good or service, standing out from the crowd is key says, Vito Proietti.

Today, standing out often means having an active and engaging presence on social media outlets such as Facebook.

This article provides some great tips on how companies can make their Facebook pages stand out and become the first place customers go when they’re looking to purchase certain brands and goods and services.

Here are 6 tips for making your company stand out on Facebook:

1) Find Your Voice-

Just like you are your company’s best promoter, you are also the most effective spokesperson for its Facebook page.

With that in mind, make sure to convey your brand’s unique personality on its social media outlets so customers can find a real human being rather than just another faceless business.

2) Add Stickers-

Stickers have become an increasingly popular way to interact with friends and family members on messaging services such as Facebook Messenger.

These stickers are now taking the Internet by storm because they allow users to express themselves in whimsical new ways.

Why not take advantage of this trend by decorating your posts with custom stickers? That way, people will be able to tell what you’re all about at first glance even if they don’t read your captions explains Vito Proietti.

3) Use Videos-

Videos are the best way to convey information these days due to their high level of engagement.

Accordingly, consider making short videos about your most popular products so people can learn more about them at their own pace rather than having to do so at a time when they’re visiting your site or store in person.

4) Give Contests-

 To attract attention on social media outlets, you have to give people a reason to care about what you’re saying.

One great way of doing this is by offering them valuable prizes that are only easy for them to get if they visit your site or follow you on Facebook.

5) Hold Polls-

Polls are an underutilized tool on social media but can be a great way of gauging public opinion.

If you want to find out what your customers really think about your goods and services or new features, consider holding a poll every so often says, Vito Proietti.

6) Don’t Post Too Much-  

Even though it’s important to remain active on Facebook in order to keep your page relevant, posting too frequently is also a bad thing as it can lead people to view you as spammy and turn them off from your company’s accounts.

Here are some FAQs recently asked about the most proactive ways to market on Facebook

1) What are some tips for making your company stand out on Facebook?

Sure, there’s a lot of competition in the social media world these days. Fortunately, it’s possible to make your company stand out by doing things like finding its voice on Facebook and decorating posts with stickers.

2) How important contest on Facebook?

Contests are very important when it comes to attracting new followers. Because they incentivize people to visit your page even if they weren’t planning to check you out beforehand. Vito Proietti says when running a contest, remember that you’ll have to give away something valuable in order for them to be successful.

3) How often should I post on my company’s page?

You should avoid posting too frequently on Facebook. Instead, aim for about one post per day.

4) What are some strategies to boost my business’ popularity?

Some effective strategies include creating videos to promote your company’s products and holding polls to get feedback from the public.

5) How can I make sure I always get a good response rate from my social media marketing efforts?

The main way of ensuring you always get a good response rate is by giving your followers incentives to take certain actions. Such as visiting your store or providing personal information. That will allow them to engage with you even more after they initially engage with you.

6) How do I decide which posts to boost on Facebook?

One way of deciding is by analyzing your posts’ engagement rates. For instance, you can choose posts that get the most views and shares. To boost since these are likely the ones people want to see the most.

7) What advantages does Facebook offer over other social media sites?

Facebook offers many advantages over other social media sites such as Instagram because it’s so much more established than them explains Vito Proietti. Additionally, all public pages are free to create compared with other sites. Where companies have to pay for premium accounts in order to reach their target audiences.


The best way to stand out from the crowd is by presenting your company in a clear and engaging manner. That’s tailored specifically to Facebook users. It will take time, effort, and commitment from you and your team members to find what works for your company. However, when you do find success, it can mean increased profits. As more of your target audience goes directly to Facebook first. Most importantly, social media followers are interested in brands they feel an affiliation with on some level. Provide them with content that not only informs them but also makes them want to become fans of yours.