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Vito Proietti Shares How to Overcome Anxiety Without Medication

Anxiety is a nightmare that haunts you anytime when you are – eating, sleeping, completing an assignment just before the deadline, and doing nothing at all says, Vito Proietti. If you go to the healthcare center, the smart doctors will prescribe you tons of medicines. A routine medication may curb the anxiety for a short time, but it comes back as usual. The only way to overcome this frustrating issue is to find anxiety therapy. The therapist will give you some workout suggestions that help you get rid of anxiety without taking any medicine. Most health experts suggest that you must consider getting therapies and treatment other than medication for quick relief and a long-term benefit.

Anxiety can be caused by several factors resulting from normal activity. Some factors that can lead to anxiety are stress at work, relationships, financial issues, side effects of medication, and illicit drugs. If you went through any of these episodes, here are simple tips to overcome your anxiety problems:


You won’t have to spend a dime to jog regularly. When you wake up in the morning, use some minutes for jogging. Walk out of the house and visit the nearest park. Seeing people doing normal exercises will motivate you to do the same. This will help your muscles relax and eliminate stiffness in the body, which eventually makes you active and happy. Walking for half an hour or doing a little jogging will release the hormones in your day that will keep the depression or anxiety lower and help you feel good.


Do you remember the best song you ever heard? Never mind. Just pick a number from your playlist and sing along very loud. This will lose hot steam from your thoughts and help you regain calmness as soon as you turn down your volume. Vito Proietti, suggests that along with singing, you can also consider other activities such as playing any musical instrument that will help you in feeling better and help you deal with depression.

Change food habit

It’s nice to have an ice-cold soda with potato chips or a bite of hamburger at lunch. These food items are major factors in raising obesity and chronic diseases. Reduce the amount of junk food and add some healthy meals to your daily menu. You will see the drastic change after a few weeks. Start looking for any passion or something that you are interested in and would love to invest your time. With this, you will be able to keep your mind away from stressful things and will be able to enjoy some time happily alone. This will help you in arranging your thoughts and eventually get rid of anxiety or any kind of depression.

If you want to feel happier, stronger, and more contented in life, search for an effective anxiety therapy available around you. The experienced therapist will get you solutions to anxiety and stress that are custom-tailored to your needs.