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Vito Proietti’s Views on COVID-19 Pandemic-Friendly Business Ideas

To start a business at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic may appear impossible. Yet, there are various forms of businesses that can help one launch a business and help others during challenging times. To begin any business during the outbreak may not be an ideal endeavor. Yet it can be an excellent entrepreneurial decision. Several business ideas are COVID-inspired sprouting within the business world. But there are ways to adapt to traditional businesses during these times. Vito Proietti as an entrepreneur, if understands and adapts to their challenges, can begin a thriving business even in these challenging times.

Top 3 Pandemic-Friendly Business Ideas according to Vito Proietti 

Though there are countless pandemic-friendly business ideas, the top 3 are as follows, 

1. Digital Marketing Agency

Following the constant launch of emerging and new websites and apps, learning how to market a client will be valuable digitally. Businesses are continuously on the lookout for agencies that can assist them in staying at the forefront. One can develop a digital marketing agency that offers clients web design, consulting, analytics, targeted and paid advertising, SEO services, social media, and content marketing. Having a robust digital marketing agency that entails all of these services appeals to clients. 

2. Wellness and Fitness Programs

The COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in the trend to stay inside and work from home. This, coupled with the stress which stems from the crisis, has resulted in the loss of routine. People are staying indoors and looking after their health. During these challenging times, people need extra motivation. As gyms are closed, wellness and fitness content. Has gained immense popularity as people need inspiration and the extra boost to get going, says Vito Proietti.

Those who possess a background in wellness, exercise, and health can begin developing content to assist people better themselves. Articles and blogs are an excellent means to share workout routines. And recipes which people can easily follow from home with to little no experience. One can film how they decompress, be it stretching, meditating, exercising, cooking, or in general, discuss health habits. After completing the video, they can edit it, add some music, and upload it to IGTV and YouTube to share with their audience.

3. Virtual Tutoring Agency

With most of the schools going virtual, the virtual tutoring market has experienced steep growth. On the one hand, some parents need assistance to complete their kids’ homework or finish their lessons. On the other hand, some older students need extra support to understand the subject material and stay focused. Thus, one can begin a virtual tutoring agency by defining his expertise in different subjects and choosing an age group for marketing forward. Vito Proiettisays they must consider whether they wish to work with young children, college students that need an additional push, or high school students preparing for the ACT or SAT.

Apart from these, there are many other COVID-19 pandemic-friendly business ideas. Such as commercial cleaning services, box subscription companies, accounting services, home improvement contractors, online delivery services, app developers, graphic design firms, or online consulting businesses.